Beyond Scholarship Inititaive

A large number of FFE scholars hail from schools where vernacular languages are used, which can put them at a disadvantage in terms of their soft skills and employability. To overcome this challenge, FFE offers need-based training to ensure that its scholars are at par with their peers and have the best prospects of securing top-notch jobs. 

Our scholars receive training in employability technical skills and individual mentoring to help them prepare for the job market. These efforts have yielded positive results, with our graduating scholars’ starting salaries doubling over the past three years.

Anjali Kumari, Byju’s, Bangalore, 2023 Graduate

Skill Development Program

FFE’s Skill Development Program prepares its scholars for employment by providing both soft and technical skills training. The four-year program consists of a carefully selected set of courses delivered through vendor partners for Engineering, BPharm, and Law students.

In the first year, scholars undergo baseline assessments of their aptitude (logical and quantitative reasoning), verbal and written English comprehension. In the second year, scholars improve their English language skills through online apps such as Hello English and Kings Learning, and their aptitude through FACE or Ethnus. Based on midline assessments in the third year, students requiring additional help with communication skills receive phone-based training from eAge Tutors to improve their communication skills, corporate readiness, and interview skills.

FFE scholars can also enroll in technical upskilling courses on Coursera and Skill Lync. Coursera offers certification courses in various fields, such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Civil Engineering. To encourage and reward learning, FFE rewards high-performing students in both English and Coursera programs with gift vouchers.

Medical Scholar Programs

QMed Program

The QMed Knowledge Foundation provides an online course aimed at medical scholars to enhance their abilities in conducting effective online searches within the medical and related health fields. This one-year program caters to FFE medical scholars and supports them in tasks such as literature reviews, finding evidence, treatment guidelines, and reading journal articles of interest. These tasks are often tedious as locating precise or relevant material can be challenging. To tackle this challenge, QMed offers e-learning courses, webinars, live workshops, lectures, and mentoring sessions to train both students and professionals in structured literature searching and referencing.

Medical Webinars

FFE organizes educational webinars for medical students pursuing MBBS. These webinars cover a range of topics in the medical field and are led by experts in the field. Recently, topics such as ‘Baby steps to Baby Care-A talk on General Paediatrics’ by Dr. Neha Mohan Rao, ‘A career in Surgery-Beyond the hype’ by Dr. Nikhil Nanjappa, and ‘Mindful Living for medical students’ by Dr. Surpriya Kulkarni Rawate Mallikarjun was covered. On average, 500 FFE scholars participate in these webinars, with many more viewing the recordings on the FFE Medical Webinar Channel.

Mentorship Program

FFE’s Mentorship program is developed to enhance the employability of FFE scholars. Scholars from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds often lack the exposure and opportunities to build critical skills that make them job-ready and prepared for the future. Through the Mentorship Program, Mentors play a significant role in the lives of FFE scholars who are often First-Generation learners.

This remote program enables FFE scholars to interact in one-on-one sessions with experienced individual mentors – Engineers, Lawyers, Pharmacists, Scientists and Technologists, for a period of 4-6 months. Along with an in-house curriculum curated specially for the program, mentors also bring in their own experiences to enrich the mentorship. By inspiring and guiding FFE’s scholars, both mentees and mentors’ lives are expected to be enriched through this partnership.

Program Highlights

Mentoring Support/3rd Year Students

Specially developed for third year FFE BTech/BPharm/Law scholars – an appropriate time to initiate support to help them acquire skills that are necessary for building a foundation for a good career.

Connect With Industry Experts

The program enables FFE scholars to interact in one-on-one sessions with experienced individual mentors.

Curated Content

Content curated in-house specially for this program provides the framework for the mentoring sessions.

Enhance Internship/Jobs

Ensures greater preparedness for career opportunities and ability to secure jobs.

Program Impact

Since 2017, FFE’s Mentorship Program has helped shape the future of thousands of FFE scholars, transforming their dreams into reality through this mentoring engagement.




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