Circle Of Giving

FFE Alumni Ensure Sustainability of Scholarship Program

Before receiving a scholarship in their first year of college, every FFE scholar takes a pledge to “Pay it Forward” by sponsoring two future scholars once they have graduated and secured a job with a steady income. This approach creates a self-sustaining cycle that ensures the FFE model is not only sustainable, but also participatory and capable of having exponential impact. The support provided by alumni reinforces the spirit of giving and constitutes an increasingly significant portion of the total scholarships awarded.

Prarthana Appaiah, Head, Alumni Relations – FFE India

FFE Alumni

The Foundation for Excellence (FFE) has awarded scholarships to over 33,600 scholars in the last 28 years. These alumni now work at globally renowned multinational companies. FFE maintains contact with its alumni through regional Open Houses, newsletters, and mentoring programs

Upon graduation, FFE scholars have the opportunity to serve in multiple capacities as facilitators, mentors, and donors. As facilitators, FFE alumni assist in identifying and selecting deserving scholars. As mentors, they offer one-on-one mentoring sessions to help scholars become job-ready. As donors, they fulfill their commitment to funding at least two scholars during their lifetime.

FFE senior management has added alumni to its board of directors in the US and India to take the foundation to its next stage of growth. Ranjith Kagathi from Google USA has joined the FFE US Board of Directors, while Srivathsan Raghavan from Altimetrik and Tharanggany Krishnamurthy Meena from Lennox International have been added as special invitees to the FFE India Trust Board.

FFE Alumni Impact

During the 2022-2023 fiscal year, more than 1,500 Foundation for Excellence (FFE) alumni fulfilled their commitment and made significant contributions amounting to $253,818. Apart from providing financial support the alumni also offered mentorship to scholars and volunteered during the selection process. They also took lead and utilized their professional connections to facilitate partnerships with their employers’ Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, resulting in additional donations to the Foundation for Excellence

In India, the Corporate Social Responsibility policy mandates that businesses with revenue exceeding $140 million or profit over $700,000 invest a minimum of 2% of their profit in designated areas such as education, poverty alleviation, gender equality, and hunger relief. Through the efforts of the dedicated alumni network, FFE was able to secure a significant portion of these funds.

The impact of the alumni contributions was palpable, with over 8% of FFE scholarships being funded through both direct and indirect (CSR) donations. As the alumni network continues to grow and mature, it holds immense potential to become a foundational pillar of the organization’s fundraising efforts.

FFE Alumni Testimonials

FFE Alumni Reflect on FFE Scholarships

Tharanggany Krishnamurthy

Lennox International, Chennai, 2005 Graduate

Sharanya G Marathe

Sub Lieutenant in Indian Navy, Gujarat, Batch of 2019