Donor Resources

The FFE Scholarship Program has been sustained by the generosity of our donors, who have placed their trust in our mission. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to those donors who have made contributions to our program for over a decade. This page contains all the information that our donors may need.

Types of Donations

Adopt A Scholar Program (ASP)

Under the Adopt A Scholar Program (ASP), FFE donors have the opportunity to provide financial support for the entire educational journey of a scholar. This program covers a four- or five-year course and offers a unique way to make a lasting impact. The required one-time donation for an Engineering or BPharma scholar is $2,800, while a Medical or Law scholar requires a donation of $3,500.

Support a Scholar for One Year

FFE donors have the opportunity to support the education of a scholar pursuing Engineering, Medical, BPharma, or Law for one year with a donation of $700. By making a yearly donation of $700 until the scholar graduates, the donor can continue to support the same scholar as they progress through their studies.

Perpetual Scholarship Program

Under the Perpetual Scholarship Program, FFE donors have the opportunity to establish a scholarship in memory of their loved ones on a perpetual basis. A one-time donation of $15,000 funds the education of one scholar pursuing a degree in Engineering, Medicine, BPharmacy, or Law. These funds are invested in FFE's US Endowment Fund, and an annual distribution from the fund sustains the perpetual scholarship.

Any Amount - General Scholarship Fund

FFE donors can make contributions in any amount to support the education of scholars pursuing Engineering, Medical, BPharma, or Law. All donations that are not designated for a specific scholarship program are combined into FFE's General Scholarship Fund and are utilized to provide one-year scholarships to deserving students. Large donations that lack specific program designations are divided between the Adopt-a-Scholar Program and one-year scholarships.

Program Highlights

100% of Donations are disbursed as Scholarships

At Foundation For Excellence, we are proud to ensure that 100% of funds received from our donors in the United States are disbursed as scholarships to support the education of one or more scholars in India. Our founder, Dr. Prabhu Goel, covers all administrative costs related to US donations so that every dollar you donate goes directly towards supporting the education of deserving students

Donor Preferences Are Honored

Foundation for Excellence (FFE) values and respects the preferences of its donors. Donors are encouraged to specify their preferred scholar characteristics, such as gender, field of study (Engineering, Medical, BPharma or Law), or region. The scholar selection and allocation teams make every effort to accommodate these preferences. In the event that a donor preference cannot be fulfilled, FFE communicates with the donor to seek an alternate preference.

Ways to Make a Donation

FFE donors have the option to make a one-time donation using any of the payment methods listed here. Recurring donations can be established via Credit Card or PayPal method.

Make check payable to “Foundation For Excellence Inc.” and mail to 526 W Fremont Ave, #2920, Sunnyvale CA 94087

Click at and make payment with your credit card or paypal account

Please select “Foundation For Excellence Inc” charity with EIN 77-0474749 with a mailing address in Sunnyvale and initiate the transfer.

Please email to get instructions for Stock or wire transfer.

Please email to get instructions for transferring funds to FFE India Trust.

Donor Communications

We communicate with our donors on a regular basis via email and provide updates on their scholar assignments and progress reports.

FFE is a tax-exempt US 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and all contributions are fully tax deductible. FFE acknowledges all donations and emails tax receipts promptly on receiving the donations.

FFE India informs donors about who they are supporting with their scholarship. This information is shared in April or May after the scholarships have been given to the scholars.

FFE India updates donors about their scholars academic progress and experiences in August or September every year. This is done through scholar’s progress reports and testimonials in writing or short videos. This helps keep our donors informed and show them the impact of their support to the foundation’s mission.

The organization facilitates annual Zoom meetings between donors and scholars for those who want to communicate. These meetings last for 30 minutes and some are group meetings. In November 2022, a group of 12 donor doctors met with their 16 sponsored scholars. During the fiscal year 2021-22, over 800 scholars had the opportunity to meet their donors through these facilitated engagements.

FFE Newsletters are shared with donors on a quarterly basis that provide updates on the organization’s work and showcase scholar stories, events, and corporate engagements. This helps to keep donors informed and engaged with the organization’s mission and its impact.