FFE’s Covid-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused economic hardship for our scholars and their families. Most of our scholars come from rural and semi-urban areas in India and their families are made up of farmers, daily wage laborers, vendors, small shop owners, and weavers who suffered a loss of livelihood during the pandemic. Some families even lost their primary source of income. FFE’s COVID relief donation was a valuable lifeline for these struggling families and provided them with hope during this difficult time. We are grateful to all the donors who generously supported our scholars and their families during this crisis.

The First Wave

In response to the first wave of COVID-19, FFE quickly took measures to support both its scholars and the wider community. Within 15 days, FFE launched initiatives to address the outbreak, including providing financial support and online training for scholars, as well as collaborating with other organizations on relief efforts. FFE helped 3022 scholar families with a cash grant of either $70 (Rs 5000) or $95 (Rs 7000), totaling $235,000

The Second Wave

The second wave of COVID-19, the Delta variant, was even more devastating and resulted in many deaths. FFE surveyed its entire cohort of 7498 scholars to understand the impact of the pandemic on their families. The results showed that while some families lost a primary breadwinner, others experienced a significant reduction in income, but most students just needed immediate financial assistance.

FFE Initiatives

Financial Assistance

FFE reached out to its donors for COVID relief funds to address the multiple needs of its scholars. The quick response from our donors allowed us to provide financial assistance to the families most affected by the pandemic. With the help of Give India, FFE's corporate partners, alumni, and individual donors in the USA and India, we raised $200,000 and were able to support 2804 FFE scholars with one-time cash grants of $70 per family. Additionally, Tarsadia Foundation donated 31 laptops to ensure our scholars could continue their education from home.

Counseling Sessions

During the pandemic, some scholars requested career and emotional guidance in addition to financial support. In June 2021, FFE's donor partner, Scientific Games, responded by providing virtual sessions on career guidance and emotional wellness. They held six sessions led by senior leaders from Scientific Games, which were attended by 60 FFE scholars from various fields.

FFE Scholars Testimonials