NY24 Gala: A Night of Generosity and Awareness

On April 25th, the Foundation for Excellence (FFE) hosted its much-anticipated NY24 Gala at the prestigious Tribeca 360 in New York City. The evening was marked by generosity, awareness, and a profound sense of community spirit.

Over 175 individuals converged at the downtown venue, each eager to contribute to FFE’s noble cause. The atmosphere was electric, with every raised paddle met with resounding applause, reflecting the collective commitment to empowering deserving students in India through education.

The gala proved to be a remarkable success, raising over $325k in total, thanks in part to a generous anonymous donation of $70k, alongside four $15k Perpetual Scholarships and 16 ASP scholarship donations. Every dollar raised signifies another opportunity for a deserving child in India to access quality education and a brighter future.

However, beyond the impressive fundraising efforts, the event served as a platform to raise awareness about FFE’s mission within the New York community. Through insightful presentations highlighting the economic benefits of education support, compelling narratives shared by three FFE scholar alumni, a stirring address by FFE’s founder Prabhu Goel, and educational videos, attendees were enlightened and inspired throughout the three-hour affair.

The evening also celebrated the remarkable achievements of two distinguished women: Meera Gandhi, the Guest of Honor, and Savita Subramanian, the Chief Guest. Savita Subramanian, honored as one of Barron’s 100 Most Influential Women in U.S. finance, and Meera Gandhi, a passionate advocate for mental health and education initiatives, captivated the audience with their inspiring and informative speeches, sharing invaluable insights from their respective journeys.

Adding to the evening’s charm was the delightful entertainment provided by the Laughing Lassi Group, led by the charismatic Sonia, whose comedic speeches and performances kept the audience enthralled and engaged throughout the event.

In essence, the NY24 Gala served as a rallying point for FFE’s diverse supporters, including FFE Alumni, donors, board members, and community members alike. As we reflect on the success of this gala, we express our deepest gratitude to the NY Team, volunteers, and all who contributed, and eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to come together, further championing FFE’s mission and providing educational opportunities to even more students in need.