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The Foundation for Future Excellence (FFE) provides scholarships to meritorious and financially disadvantaged students in India who exhibit strong motivation and a determination to succeed.

​​Getting into an engineering, medical, or pharmacy college in India is a big accomplishment, especially for those who live in rural areas or slums with limited resources. The competition is tough and only a few get in. These students come from families with low incomes, and many have parents who work in low-wage jobs.

The cost of college in India is much lower than in the United States, at only $700 a year for tuition and other expenses. Your donation can make a big impact in helping these students reach their goals.

Your support, no matter how modest, has the potential to make a substantial impact on the lives of these students and their communities. FFE is committed to providing a pathway to success for these deserving individuals, and your contribution can help make this a reality.”

FFE Scholarships - Transforming Generations

Meet Sandhya Akkole, a former FFE scholarship recipient

Sandhya, the daughter of a farmer, received the FFE scholarship to study BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from 2010 to 2014.

Today, Sandhya holds a prominent position as a Senior Product Engineer at Harman Connected Services in Bangalore, where she has earned recognition and success.

The $700 annual scholarship from FFE played a significant role in enabling Sandhya to complete her education and realizing her potential. This, in turn, led to a profound impact not only on Sandhya’s life but also on that of her family, as she states in a video, “FFE not only gave me education, it educated my whole family.”

You have the opportunity to join the efforts of thousands of FFE donors in supporting future generations of scholars like Sandhya. Your contributions can help to facilitate the academic pursuits and personal growth of these deserving students, thereby transforming their lives and that of their families

FFE Scholarships - Inspiring Change

FFE Scholarships - Igniting Hope