FFE Scholarship Program

The “Scholarship Program” offered by FFE aims to provide financial aid to academically gifted yet financially challenged students pursuing undergraduate degrees in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Law. The program aims to ensure that students who have high potential but face limitations in resources are able to complete their professional course of study.

The scholarship award selection process is based on both academic merit and family income, with priority given to students who are the first in their family to attend college. To be eligible, students must rank high in college entrance exams and have a family gross income of less than $3750 per annum. The scholarship is awarded in the freshman year and is renewable annually, subject to the recipient maintaining good academic standing.

FFE takes a comprehensive approach to supporting scholarship recipients, beyond just financial aid. The program includes soft and technical skill development programs, as well as one-on-one mentoring during the third and fourth years of college. This has led to attractive job offers for over 90% of FFE scholars upon graduation.

Since its inception 29 years ago, FFE has awarded $53.4 million in 97,813 scholarships to 33,633 deserving students, helping them achieve their aspirations. During the 2022-2023 academic year, FFE provided $7.4 million in 13,579 scholarships, with 4018 of these awarded to female scholars.

FFE Student Selection Process

FFE has a comprehensive outreach program aimed at attracting over 13,000 applicants each year. Our outreach efforts include direct communication with over 300 selected colleges, partnerships with multiple NGO feeder partners, a large and supportive alumni base, and our current cohort of over 13,000 FFE scholars.

Our NGO feeder partners, who work with underprivileged students at the secondary school level, serve as direct feeders to FFE. Since they already work with financially disadvantaged students, their students automatically meet our family income criteria.

FFE has a strong alumni network due to our long-standing scholarship program. These alumni support FFE in various ways, including reaching out to potential scholarship recipients.

The current cohort of over 13,000 FFE scholars studying at over 400 engineering and 295 medical colleges serve as FFE brand ambassadors, spreading the word about our scholarship opportunities to their peers.

Students interested in applying for an FFE scholarship can do so through our online scholarship portal. Initial screening is done based on college entrance exam (JEE/NEET) rank and family income, using our online application screening system. Our team then contacts each shortlisted student to verify their application and supporting documents.

FFE undertakes the extensive task of validating the eligibility of each applicant with the help of over 700 volunteer facilitators spread throughout India. Our facilitators reach out to potential awardees and their families, verify their financial need by visiting their homes, and conduct a detailed evaluation of their living standards to ensure that only genuinely deserving students receive scholarships. The scholarship amount is then directly deposited into the student’s bank account.